How-to Find Your Purpose – Part 6 : Jordan Peterson’s Rules For Living

Jordan Peterson has become notoriously famous over the past year or so.  Mostly for things he won’t say – and he says a lot about things he won’t say.  And he has great reasons.

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How-to Be Productive – Part 2 : Being Bored

I grew up going to church.

And if you ever want to be rhythmically bored as a nine year old, sit through 50 minute sermons.  Week after week, Sunday after Sunday, after singing some hymns, I would sit through the 50 minutes. I don’t really remember much of the subject matter from those hour long homilies, and I was mostly bored because I was only nine.

At that time there wasn’t dad’s iPad to play Angry Birds on.  Mom didn’t have a phone to look at pictures or read on.  Nothing.  I had one activity that I often used to alleviate my boredom : doodling.

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How-to Be Productive – Part 1 : Tips and Tricks?

I’m the kind of person who always has a million ideas.  And with all of those ideas comes a sort of obsessive excitement.  I think everyone gets a kind of this excitement around New Year’s.  The planning of resolutions and everything that goes with it.

I used to go to a public gym – and in early January, after everyone was back from vacations, the population would boom.  We’d go from pretty busy, to ‘free lunch at McDonald’s’ busy in an instant.  Each squat rack and bench press and every machine would be in use – some with line-ups, waiting to go next.  But it wasn’t just how many people were in the gym, it was something else that always struck me as interesting. Continue reading “How-to Be Productive – Part 1 : Tips and Tricks?”

How-to Find Your Purpose – Part 4 : Steinbeck and the Story of Life

If you read this, you’d know that East of Eden is one of my favourite books of all time.  Even with that, it’s amazing how quickly I forget some of the best passages in there.  I guess that’s why this quote will always be true :

“I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once.”

– CS Lewis

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How-to Communicate – Part 3 : Knuckle Sandwiches and Just Desserts

One of the weirdest fights my wife and I ever got in was about salsa dancing.

The two went out to a local salsa bar as part of my birthday gift a few years back – she had planned some special surprises, ranging from snacks, restaurants, drinks, and activities.  We had some Sangria, jalapeño poppers, and some Spanish barbecue at a restaurant downtown.  After that, she took me to a salsa club.

Despite my latin heritage, my hips do lie, at least occasionally.

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How-to Read – Part 3 : My Top Five Books And Their Impact

To close off this little series, I’d like to present my five favourite books.  A lot of times, when we want to sit down and read a good book, we ask ourselves, what’s a good book I can sit down and read ?

So, I have hoped to make that a bit easier.

On top of that, I want to take a bit of time with each of the books and explain why / how they’ve impacted me and how I have sought to change because of them.  Just like I outlined in How-to Read – Part 1 and How-to Read – Part 2.

So, without further ado, here they are, in no particular order :

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How-to Read – Part 2 : It Isn’t Just Read Words, Turn Page, Repeat.

I remember watching Infomercials.

Knives that can cut through steel.  Dish towels that absorb moisture out of anything.  The SlapChop.  And of course, Billy Mays.

There was one infomercial I remember seeing that taught people how to speed read.  To Spreed.  They had a suited man, with a tight combover and glasses, explain how he was able to read an entire book in a fraction of the time of a normal person.  He had a method for being able to do this.  Secrets he probably unlocked by studying magic arts in the Himalayas.

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How-to : Quit Your Job

It’s officially been 24 days since I quit my job.

Well, 24 days since I put in my two-week’s notice.

And this is officially day 10 of not having my old job.  It’s an interesting feeling, to say the least, having time to yourself and calm, relaxing mornings back on the agenda regularly.

But before I pulled the proverbial trigger, I tried to research “how-to quit your job”.  And the search results were…??? Continue reading “How-to : Quit Your Job”