How-to Read – Part 2 : It Isn’t Just Read Words, Turn Page, Repeat.

I remember watching Infomercials.

Knives that can cut through steel.  Dish towels that absorb moisture out of anything.  The SlapChop.  And of course, Billy Mays.

There was one infomercial I remember seeing that taught people how to speed read.  To Spreed.  They had a suited man, with a tight combover and glasses, explain how he was able to read an entire book in a fraction of the time of a normal person.  He had a method for being able to do this.  Secrets he probably unlocked by studying magic arts in the Himalayas.

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How-to Read – Part 1 : Soapboxes, Not Phonics

When I first moved downtown Toronto, my two friends and I grabbed a 3 bedroom apartment above a restaurant.

It was luxurious.

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How-to : Quit Your Job

It’s officially been 24 days since I quit my job.

Well, 24 days since I put in my two-week’s notice.

And this is officially day 10 of not having my old job.  It’s an interesting feeling, to say the least, having time to yourself and calm, relaxing mornings back on the agenda regularly.

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How-to Communicate – Part 2 : Listen Up

The other day I got into a discussion with some of my buddies.  Well, more of a game than a discussion.  We had one main question :

If you had to lose one major sense ( sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing for those of you needing a little refresher ), which would you choose ?

That’s a tough little question.

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How-to : Delete Facebook ( sorta )

About a year ago I did an experiment.

It might sound small, and in the grand scheme of things, it was.  No one will write about it in a history book, nor compare me to ye brave men of olde making wondrous, costly sacrifices.  But I’ll write about it on a blog no one knows about.

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How-to Communicate – Part 1 : Orwell, At Least Try**


This is a bit theoretical – but that’s because it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a kind of foundation and exposition on communication. It might not be as practical as you want or need. It hasn’t been super practical for me. But, it has helped me think about how I communicate – and what communication is really about. The following posts are much more practical. 

Lately I’ve been having conversations about language and words and meaning.  I’m not sure why, but there’s been many a night spent with my wife or friends talking about talking in a warm lit pub.  Taking the subway home one night last week I began to imagine :

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How to Find Your Purpose – Part 3 : Not 7 Questions to Ask

Click-Bait Answers ?

If you’re like me, you hate click-bait articles.  5 ways to get 20-inch pythons ( those are biceps for those of you who don’t pump iron ).  6 ways to get a weird view on politics from a super biased journal. The ONE thing you need to do to lose weight while eating Big Macs and Doritos.  It’s all the same.  If you google “How to Find Your Purpose”, most, if not all of them are this.

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How to Find Your Purpose – Part 1 : Why Should You Find Your Purpose ?

“Have I ever steered you wrong?”

This is the classic movie line that comes right before advice  – advice that needs to be followed.  Advice is a tricky topic, especially as it relates to people and their purpose in life.  It’s tricky because any sort of guidance coming from someone else needs to depend on something.  A person can only give as much advice as the wisdom and experience they have.

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